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The Moment I Went Digital

Trained in the classical atelier tradition, I never wanted to touch a computer until one faithful day. I received a letter from Industrial Light and Magic (Star Wars) expressing interest and asking to see my digital work. Crickets...I had nothing!

I knew right at that moment, that I had to do something - I refused to be left behind. I committed myself to MASTERING the art of digital painting and I never looked Back. It was the Best decision I ever made and now, I want the same for you!

Benefit One

A set of EXPERT eyes!

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100% ONLINE art education created for YOUR busy life! You can log on when and wherever your time permits.

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This is a SAFE place to make mistakes and grow!

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"If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t create the art that you love! Mr. Revels taught me many things, but that stays with me the most."

~Olivia Katherine Moy

"His methods of instruction was able to produce results for me fast that I desperately needed to completely change my portfolio so it was relatable to a very fast changing concept design industry."

Erwin Madrid
Concept Artist / Illustrator

"Robert Revels was one of my favorite instructors in college, so much so that I and several other classmates took his class multiple times. His critiques are always insightful and make a visible improvement towards final whether it be design sense, composition, or color. I learned a ton from Mr. Revels’ class and came out with a much stronger portfolio."

Linda Chen
Art Director, Concept Artist / Illustrator

"I had the good fortune of having Robert Revels as an instructor twice while I was in school. He always gave really great feedback. My favorite part of the class was the lessons. No other teacher explored concepts like composition so thoroughly. I felt a real sense of confidence when creating illustrations after taking Robert's class."

Ben Jelter
Comic Book Artist / Illustrator

"Before learning from Robert Revels, I didn't know anything about painting in Photoshop. I was apprehensive, and the whole idea was truly daunting. However; from the first lesson, my confidence began to rise because his easy-to-follow teaching style never made learning frustrating! His instruction was always very clear, and made learning super exciting. Mr. Revels is always willing to take extra time to help every student by giving in-depth reviews of assignments, and by answering any question. Through every step, Mr. Revels' encouragement gave me the confidence I needed to grow as an artist; and without his amazing teaching, I never would have achieved the goal of actually becoming a painter!" "

Bethany Moy

"I had the pleasure of having Robert Revels as my instructor in my Jr. and Sr. year of collage at the Academy of Art. It was a challenging transition going from traditional art to digital but Robert was instrumental in making the switch successful. Robert has a vast knowledge in multiple digital painting platforms. He demonstrates beautiful work that could be mistaken for oil paintings. He is not only talented but he is able to convey clearly how he arrived at his results. Robert is a patient and helpful instructor. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is interested in having a career in the digital arts. Its been less than 2 years since graduation and I am now the Sr. Graphic Designer for a Salon tool company. I use the tools he’s taught me to illustrate beautiful designs for our products. I also have a passion for children’s book illustration which I continue to do. I now only work digitally and my career is dependent upon it. I wouldn’t have reached any of these goals without the help of Robert Revels. Thank you Robert, Amanda Voris"

Amanda Levasseur
Art Director / Graphic Design / Illustration / Pattern Design / Children's Book Author & Illustrator

"I was very fortunate to have Robert as a instructor at the Academy of Art University. He is one of a select few instructors that I look up highly to this day. Robert is very articulate and compassionate about educating inspiring artists like myself at one time or another. He is very knowledgeable about art, design and understands the creative process. He always gives great critics, knows how to make your piece better, and helps you refine your style. Robert is a true inspiration to this day and I am very fortunate that I am able to remain in contact with such a great person and artist alike."

Goran Rajkovic
UI/UX Designer

"Before I started Robert Revels’ digital painting classes, I had very little working knowledge on how to paint digitally, and avoided it over working traditionally. I was intimidated at first, but excited! Mr. Revels not only encouraged my excitement but catered the assignments around my interests and skills to make the learning that much more fun, which helped me get more out of his classes. Mr. Revels encourages proper technique, but in doing so never discourages personal style. He made transitioning from traditional media to digital media simple and understandable. He helps you use your traditional skills to implement into the digital painting world. In spite of all the skill and guided experience I gained in his classes, the most important lesson I learned from him was to step back, examine myself, and make sure I’m taking care of myself emotionally, physically, and spiritually. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t create the art that you love! Mr. Revels taught me many things, but that stays with me the most. "

Olivia Katherine Moy
Illustrator / Animator

"Robert Revels was one of the first professional illustrators I came to know, and is still one of the very best. Robert's work is amazing: consistently powerful in storytelling and narrative, and beautifully executed in whatever medium you care to name. He has maintained his flexibility as an illustrator while consistently honing and developing his skills in multiple areas. As a teacher, he both inspires and informs, and embodies the the archetype of the ever-growing, ever-expanding creative mind. Plus, he's a great guy! I wholeheartedly recommend Robert for your illustrative & design needs."

Tora Stark

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